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28 February 2013 § Leave a comment

Not wanting to divulge to far into my unconsciousness I found myself snapping away at simple bold colours. So it seems along with lines, shadows, simple form, we can add simple bold colours to the list of things I enjoy. What a surprise. Don’t bother enlarging them, they are but blobs of green, red and yellow. I couldn’t help but feel as if I was sitting in art class on an afternoon in primary school. These colours bought back to my nose the oily, slightly plasticity smell of those tubes of paint we used to mix.



flat red

There is something bizarrely comforting about the progression of the seasons. It’s as if all the trees around (well those that can) are scratching their chins, stretching their limbs and brushing their teeth. It’s nice to be outdoors.


27 February 2013 § Leave a comment

This is what I imaged as a child to be art. Select something pretty, frame it with a pencil, can of paint, camera what ever and voila. Instant communication.

I look at these images and see a bland nothingness really, Mildly interesting textures, some nice interaction of primary colours, but that’s about it. It’s not really telling me anything. It’s mild and a little bland. Which is apt, because as of late the camera seems to highlight to myself, just how I’m feeling about what ever it is. How introspective of me as it takes something externally created for me to understand how I’m feeling.




20 February 2013 § Leave a comment

Had a bizarre conversation with one chap keen on sailing last night. I had taken this earlier in the day thinking of just that and naturally was a little surprised when he mentioned it in conversation.
“Why yes I do enjoy sailing.” I responded with, thinking not of holding the rig, but shaping these lines?

These gills are the shadows cast on an office block which I laid over. Patterns patterns and boring patterns everywhere.


The perspective (thank you 50mm) allows the side of an office block to have a monolithic property. To me this looks as a modern Colosseum arching out of the frame. I might go back with a different lens to see if a further or narrower distance point, well distortion if you will, aids or hinders the gigantic properties I’m enjoying in this pattern.

Storm Clouds

15 February 2013 § Leave a comment

If I ever want to be reminded of just how insignificant I am, I need only look upon a pending storm front. :p There is just something beautiful in these giant structures. All that latent power and energy hanging above us, just brilliant.

Anyway the sun was setting quickly which gave the cloud formation these incredible colours. VIVA LA EARTH!

not storm

cloud stair

cold cloud

cloud fire


15 February 2013 § Leave a comment

Local walk on the river this afternoon. Because I said so.

Reflection of the bank in the water, a cliché golden flare walking into the setting sun, and a cloud front that was to produce some stunning colours for me later on…. Cliché’ as it may be, I’ve always wanted a shot like that 😛 This is to also remind me that there are decent walking tracks within spitting distances of my home, least I never feel lost without a jungle.

The river bank reflection worked great. The texture presents like sharp coral. Wonderful.




With this last image I was interested in having three areas if you will, ground, cloud, sky. I tried to keep them roughly the same size, Not sure if that helped the composition or not. :S

Rabbit Blocks

15 February 2013 § Leave a comment




ke norm cut

From a heavy philosophical post just previously, I found myself under a bridge during dusk enjoying these bold structures. Most curiously, this door constructed into the cement pylon with the busy M1 hooning overhead.

This for me is about differing textures and large monoliths looming undisturbed by my presence. A sense of formidable strength and timelessness, and perhaps just a smidge of Alice in Wonderland with presence of that door… ..

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