May 10 – 26th pwned

27 May 2011 § Leave a comment

So I fell behind on the rules I created for myself.  Two things can happen now. I can sit in the corner and cry myself to sleep, or I can move on and add the missing dates at the end. :p  Since the house always win and I own the house I choose to move on.

Its been a sh1ty busy week tho.

A) I moved house

B) Closed a shop for work

C) Was moping about the above two and

D) Lost the battery charger for my camera

ICWL WILC WICL LICW LIWC CIWL ICWL LICW WILC  WILC. Thats the excuse I shall make to justify what happened. It was a a shitty shitty WILC week!

There are however a few snaps I managed to muster around all that and so for the purposes of tracking my year through a 6mp crop cannon sensor here they be.


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