I Took a Day

16 August 2011 § Leave a comment

Back for my own. Researching a paper about depression, and the epidemic that comes with the western experience of feeling tired, stressed anxious etc etc, and it has just stuck me how silly it is that we marching forward with this narrowing of acceptable human experiences and expressions. It is now not just unacceptable that one is tired, anxious or stressed, but it is unhealthy. Furthermore you are unhealthy for feeling these things and needed to be treated so you don’t feel things things anymore.

I have never written it down and it seems how obvious how crazy this all is. But this is the culture we live in and work under.

Western ideas of depression are at their heart nothing more then victim blaming rhetoric. Being able to shove a handful of pills at someone negates the chance to actually look at what is making them feel “depressed” in the first place.

So it is with this stark revelation I resolve my initial feelings of guilt this morning when I didn’t feel like doing anything. :p I choose to take a day off for myself, my very own mental health day. So I sat about and listened to Handel, I did some light reading on the subjects just mentioned before having two lunches and walking around taking photos of flowers.

We should all take back our rights to feel upset, sleepy, whatever. Human experience should be broad and not a measurable plot fitting within boundaries that automatically instigate discussions around medication.

Spend a day looking at flowers!

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