Listening to other works

27 September 2011 § Leave a comment

during breakfast this morning has been a total hoot. Ive been in a real kick to come to some better understanding of composition. So I figured I’d start with some of Adams work (whom I have a slight man crush on at the moment) before stepping back further to find decent paintings, drawings etc etc.

So I was looking through here all the Adams work, (see white house ruin) and had to giggle at how carefully he arranged his subject perfectly onto his film. Its amazing to think of the care he had to fit everything in whilst still communicating through the subject matter. The subjects don’t feel setup or stilted he just dam well took great care where the camera was pointed! simple yeah? 😛

In the mean time I’m having a hard time deciding what image I like the most. But I do keep coming back to “White house ruin” just for the practical application of composition. Fair enough as I suppose thats where my interests currently lie.

Anyway. Much more listening to do!


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