Exercise in Dark

4 January 2013 § Leave a comment

There have been countless examples of imagery I’ve enjoyed seemingly made up of high contrast compositions. I suppose it feeds back to this obsession with line i seem to fap on about. Either way, I went out looking for some shadows to exploit. I was interested in exposing shape, And well, I loved it. Perhaps 2 colours are enough for my little head to deal with.

Again with a 50mm Pentax M. Not that it matters. Well I suppose if I ever look over this I’ll appreciate what toys I used that day 😛



black chair




traingle con


small dark

This last one I don’t like so much. Next time, I’ll be sure to move a bit lower so the line was looking into the darkness. Rather then it kinda being just on the floor like that. Fails. The Piano keyboard above tho I dig. They are the concrete girders of a train bridge. Having them appear nest to each other in this format doesn’t work either really.

Oh I should have said in composing, I would spot meter the shadow, then knock 4-5 stops of it (ala zone system). Thank you Uncle Adams.


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