16 January 2013 § Leave a comment

So I watched a small doco focusing on Andreas Feininger and was immediately inspired. DING went the noisy light bulb as I understood the relations of depth.

Anyway with some afternoon sun sure to give some strong shadows I went out with the above in mind. Have to start somewhere I suppose. With a strong low shadow cast on the old building you could nearly believe it was 1950 something..

IMGP5844 bw

ppl tram bw

Hmm not sure if I like either of them.. Composition is pretty week on both, and the shutter was way to low with people walking across the intersection being blurred in some instances. I want to be lower in the first shot to expose more of the buildings in relation to the pedestrians. With my 200mm lens I was a good 3/4 of a block away and of to the side of the road. I Should have stood in the middle, got down low, and pointed up toward the skyline šŸ˜›

I enjoy the dark shadows in the second image, (although it now makes the image far to heavy) and although the stop light provides a bright focal point, I wished I positioned myself away from it. For this image I wanted to be higher as to expose the other side of the small crest, the rest of the tram etc etc. For en exercise in trying to align perspective in context, people in context of their city as a monument, it didn’t really work.

Exif says Takumar 200mm f4 iso100 s=1/45


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