Edges 2

15 February 2013 § Leave a comment

In homage to a subject I was attracted to before. Original Edge?

Hmm homage is as arrogant as it comes, lets say in reference to something I remember looking at previously, I have found more barren tree branches in my scope.


I enjoy the vast space, in many ways there is more nothing then subject, And I kinda dig that. I worry I’m destined to photograph empty patches of sky at this rate. Hmmmm So what is the subject here. The bold line set in the corner? or the curve the rigid structure hints toward? Perhaps the shape the structure takes in effort to direct? The sparseness of the scene forces me to look at all that.

Speaking of the image now, we see a 1/3 of the structure out reaching toward the lighter side of the frame on the left, whilst the remaining 2/3rds eagerly crawl toward the deeper blues in the right. Along with that, the left seeking part of the structure has it’s branches pointing more so toward the vertical, contrasted to the deeper right side where they are either relaxing toward the horizon or down into the depths of the bottom right.

So now we have a bunch of metaphors relating to light and darkness. Further still how ones shape, or angle implies a relation to the structure of light or darkness. I.e. the upward seeking part of the branch falls nicely with our classical ideas of strength, boldness and good, whilst the relaxing right hand side falls toward our ideas of dark, lazy, wrong, evil etc etc.

All all these judgement values from a simple fsking tree branch? This is why I like it so.

Lastly it’s the diagonal line crossing through the subject, directed by where the branches are pointing that ties it all together. I had a hard time trying to crop it before I realised it was balanced nicely with the corners of that diagonal matching.

I’d like to say I understood all these judgement values when I selected the subject. It was only later reviewing it that I either;

a) Inferred an understanding as to why I took it in effort to justify it
b) Understood what my unconscious was trying to tell me about a simple tree branch?

And that perhaps lastly is the “real” subject of the image. Not so much what it suggests, but what I and you suggest from it!

I feel that has been hinted toward me before, and explains why I’m selecting the subjects I do. This medium is more and more used as reflection on a state of self for my own constructed reflections than in careful construction of narrative discrete for others. I suppose that’s what Photography has been for ever and ever, guided structures for us to reflect into? Perhaps I will take those photos of the empty sky.. 😛


Memory Cloth

12 February 2013 § Leave a comment

Lets assume for the moment that cloth / artefacts remember feelings, emotion and thought. Or perhaps, it doesn’t matter if they don’t, it’s just enough for us to project our memories onto them. Then if our memories and feelings are there, then they must have those thoughts. As a bank for our own consciousness these artefacts are no longer static, but being dynamic affect and interact with our own ideas of self just as we see them.

And with that in mind I suppose these no longer become shots of a simple T-shirt, but self portraits.

And these self portraits may have originally been of myself, but as you view them they become yours. Your memories, your thoughts, your feelings.


self guilt

self hands



Lines shaped @ 28mm


9 February 2013 § Leave a comment

Slabs of area, a little colour but mostly geometric shape is what attracted me today. I keep coming back to simple, compact relatively sparse images. “Shrugs”



bin bright

This was the little colour I was talking about. I don’t mind it, partly I’m sure because the pallet is so small.

Perspective was given to us from a 50mm Takumar.


6 February 2013 § 1 Comment

So I felt like some. Talk about therapy. How lovely it is to just imagine shapes in clouds.




Boring exif for my memory reads Takumar 200mm


29 January 2013 § Leave a comment

Can’t wait to see how this noise fest is replicated at the printer house. Partly because if it’s useable, my f1.4 @ Iso1600 became a deal more useable. 😛 Enough chatter tho.

I wanted the menacing annoying deep structure to be juxtaposed by the light resolving thoughts back to safety and nothing unknownst. The tree and misc shadow to the right should be obscure.


How many ev’s does it take to change a light bulb?

29 January 2013 § Leave a comment

who cares is the correct response.

Snapshots from today. Proper snapshots, in that there was little reason nor thinking behind any of them. And as a result I’m not really attached to any of them. They are here to remind me of the purpose and intent needed if I’m going to fulfill any desire in this medium.

An old pub left to rot.

Plastic colours as one looked into the hyper coloured river. Brown as ick as one could be.

food chain
What I said above doesn’t apply to this image. Stumbling across a Lion gasping on the wooden board, looking toward a house being built out of in many ways would would have once been a habitat for it to live within. This image I like.

Boring exif says Super Tak 50mm

Scenes from a Phone Call

24 January 2013 § 1 Comment


I think I’m going to revisit this post.

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